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All Right so this is my plans index, I will post my finished plans, beta plans and, plans for others

As the time being I do not have many finished designs but, I have quite a few beta plans including chuck gliders and prop planes

Finished Plans:

Mighty Mini Bf-109: Bf-109 Full Plans- Build Thread

Mighty Mini Spitfire MK XVI: Spitfire Mk XVI Plans- Build Thread

Mighty Mini Spitfire V2: Mini Spitfire V2 Plans

EZ SR-71 Blackbird Chuck Glider: SR-71 Chuck Glider Plans-

EZ F-14 Tomcat Chuck Glider: F-14 Chuck Glider Plans- Build Thread

EZ P-51B/C Chuck Glider: P-51A Chuck Glider Plans

EZ BF-109 Chuck Glider: BF-109 Chuck Glider Plans

EZ Ugly Stick Chuck Glider: Ugly Stick Plans

Plans for Others Planes:

Leaded50's Mig 13 Mighty Mini Master Series Style: Mig 13 Mighty Mini Plans- Build Thread
Please note that these plans are not completely done.
Full version coming soon!

Leaded50's Cartooony P-51: Full Size Plans

Fallegon's Bf-109G/F-2
The plans fallegon had for the bf-109 did not have full size wings and fuselage so I drew them up full size in inkscape
Bf109 Full Plans

MDC F-14 Tomcat: F-14 Page 1 Full, F-14 Page 2 Full
Build thread Here
I redrew the F-14 Plans to work with foam board

Also if you have hand drawn plans I can make them into real plans just scan them and send them to me!

Beta Plans:

3 in 1 Mini Swappables: Full Size Plans

A6M2 Mitsubishi Zero Master Series Style: Full Size Plans

Mighty Mini Draco: Full Size Plans

EZ Hawker Hurricane Chuck Glider: Full Size Plans

EZ Vought F5U Chuck Glider: Full Size Plans

EZ Spitfire Chuck Glider: Full Size Plans

EZ P-51D Chuck Glider: Full Size Plans

EZ F-14 V4.1-4.5: Full/Tiled Size Plans

3 views and other plans I have found:

Here are a number of plans and 3 views: 3 Views & Other Plans

All EZ Designs:

Please note that not all of these plans are done, and not all of these planes are my designs. The folder named "my designs" is the folder of all of my designs so far! Again Not All Of My Designs Are Finished And Tested.

EZ Pack Plans: EZ Plane Plans
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