1. SavageX89

    PLANS, PLANS, PLANS!! - Printing Service

    PLANS, PLANS, PLANS!!!! Plans are a staple for many of us in this hobby. We use them on our builds and our repairs. They are a scratch builders best friend (even when we decide to deviate from the plans ) If you have plans that need printing, I've got you covered! With my LP-1030 I can print...
  2. ark

    FT Swappable PowerPod single legal sheet

    Today I learned I could load FliteTest plans into Inkscape and edit them. I took the regular power pod plans and rearranged them to fit on a single piece of legal paper (8.5" x 14"). I also changed one of the 50% cut lines to be a blue note line because I prefer to use a 45 degree bevel cutter...
  3. N

    3D Printed Boeing Secret Stealth *PROJECT*

    This is my most ambitious project yet... I have had a 3D printer for about a year and a half and have had many attempts to create a 3D printable aircraft with little success to date. UNTILL NOW. I have been working on this model for a little over a week and it is to a point now where I am...
  4. ftwingnut

    FT Full Size Plan Printing Service

    I am a fellow FliteTest builder/pilot, and have built many of the FT designs, so I am fully aware of the pain of printing tiled pages and taping them together to cut out the parts. I am also fully aware of the pain of trying to get an office supply store to print full size plans at the correct...
  5. Merck

    Printing plans on other size paper

    I am lucky enough to have a printer that can handle 11x17 paper and wanted to use this medium. The FT plans are the full scale or designed for 8.5 x 11. This is great, but it would be nice to be able to re-size it. I tried printing from Adobe Acrobat in poster mode, but it didn't line up...
  6. S

    Printing full-sized plans

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't tell what the dimensions of the full-sized Spitfire plans are. I have a local print shop that will print them full-sized, but do I need to tell them the dimensions? Just need a little guidance here. Thanks in advance! S
  7. T

    Printing plans?

    I'm want to build the ft versa wing but don't have enough money to buy it. I wanted to use the plans online to make it but was unsure how to print it. I have access:confused to a plotter so i can print the full size plans but was unsure how to print it and keep it to scale. Can anyone give me an...
  8. T

    Silk screening EPP Foam!

    Ok Group has anyone tried to SilkScreen EPP Foam? I was thinking for doing Names and logos a basic screen print would make stuff faster.. Please post in here.