Printing full-sized plans


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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't tell what the dimensions of the full-sized Spitfire plans are. I have a local print shop that will print them full-sized, but do I need to tell them the dimensions? Just need a little guidance here.

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ProTip: If you find the answer yourself - don't just inform everybody about that, but also what the answer is. :)


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Obviously the tiled plans are set to be printed at 100% (no dimension changing)...Are the fullsized plans too? When I open the FT plans in acrobat reader and view at 100%, the dimension key in the plans are completely wrong. WAY bigger then 6 inches.

I too want to take them somewhere to get printed, since the key is wrong at 100% viewing size... won't they get printed wrong as well?



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They might need to be adjusted for the program being used to view them. In acrobat 8 they seemed to be at proper size, but I might need to check that before saying for sure.


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Yeah, I think it's just an issue with Acrobat. I opened the tiled version, and the 6 inch key takes up like 80% of the width of the document page (8x11 obv).

If you go under properties in Acrobat, it tells you the document's page size (and also the bottom left side of the screen in normal viewing mode...




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I get my full-sized plans printed at a local print shop. I email the plans, tell them to print it at 100% scale, and ask that they verify the dimension key is 6 inches. They email me when the plans are ready, so all I have to do is pick them up and pay for them. My print shop charges 15 cents a square foot. It's well worth it to me if I don't have to print tiled plans and tape them together. It also allows me to support a locally owned business.


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Had a local shop price it for me and he said they just print the 6" rule, scale to 100% and print the full plans.