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pun jet

  1. N

    I need help connecting servos on my pun jet to my spektrum ar610 receiver

    So I am completely new to the Scratch built rc line, and decided (even though multiple people have warned me not to), to start with the PUN JET! Yes yes it is not a good starter plane, but I wanted to start with it. I got through building it just fine until I tried connecting it to my spektrum...
  2. SP0NZ

    Versa/Blunt Nose/Pun Jet - MASHUP

    It's been almost two years since I destroyed my last Versa Wing. It was a pusher and I managed to fold the wings on it, it was a pretty spectacular event. Since then, I started to build a Blunt Nose Versa, but scrapped the whole thing after I found out my Turnigy 2200 mAh 3S1P LiPo's wouldn't...
  3. S

    FT-3D, Pun Jet & Viggen ready for maiden

    My current FT line-up ready for maiden. Wanted to get some before pics in case they don't return in the same condition. All the plans were plotted and manually cut out of Adams (Dollar Tree/DG) foam board. The FT-3D is actually my second build for that plane. Tried flying the first one on a DX5e...
  4. S

    Is a 4 channel receiver enough for the PUN JET?

    Hey everyone, So, I wanna build a Guinea Pig with Pun Jet this summer, and I already have a 4 channel receiver from my FT Flyer. It's clear to me that the Guinea Pig will need at least a 5 channel receiver, but what about the Pun Jet? I mean, it only has 4 channels: ailerons & elevators...
  5. Winglet

    Pun Jet- Anyone built one yet?

    Well along on the construction of my first Pun Jet from a quick built kit. It is very simple build. I am expecting it to be fun to fly. Does anyone have one in the air yet? Any tips?