Is a 4 channel receiver enough for the PUN JET?


Hey everyone,

So, I wanna build a Guinea Pig with Pun Jet this summer, and I already have a 4 channel receiver from my FT Flyer. It's clear to me that the Guinea Pig will need at least a 5 channel receiver, but what about the Pun Jet? I mean, it only has 4 channels: ailerons & elevators (elevons actually), throttle and the folding wings. But is it possible to use the folding wings function on the rudder channel of the receiver? Or will I have to buy another 6-channel receiver so I can use the retracts or flaps channel? Those receivers are quite expensive :/

Thanks for helping me in advance,


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what kind of transmitter are you using? Orange has 6 channels for decent prices. I would assume you would need a switch for the folding wings.