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I need help connecting servos on my pun jet to my spektrum ar610 receiver

image.jpg So I am completely new to the Scratch built rc line, and decided (even though multiple people have warned me not to), to start with the PUN JET! Yes yes it is not a good starter plane, but I wanted to start with it. I got through building it just fine until I tried connecting it to my spektrum ar610 receiver. The receiver has, like all other receivers, only one spot for all of the movements. (Like pitch and yaw and ect.) so when the pun jet only has the 2 servos to control it, I can't put them both into the elevator slot :confused:. The only thing that I can think of that is wrong is that I have the wrong receiver. Thanks a lot to whoever read through this, sorry for not knowing all that much about the fantastic hobby named RC, and I hope to see an answer soon, thanks!:confused:
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I'm a noob too, but I have some experience with elevon mixing on my Sparrow. As long as your transmitter supports mixing you should be fine. When it is all working correctly the control surfaces will act like elevators when you move the stick up/down, and they will act like ailerons when the stick moves side to side. My radio tells me which channels are mixing, and I just plug into those channels on the RX.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction...


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Yep. What radio do you have? We'd be able to give detailed instructions just based on that. Spektrum's equipment is well documented.


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As an EX-Noob I will warn you that the mixing setup can be AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CONFUSING especially if reversing servos etc is involved,

For a few dollars a "V" tail mixer can be plugged into channels 1 and 2 and it simplifies matters.

Fly it first and figure out how to program later when it snows or whatever!

Sorry if my reply is a little blurry as that is the way the world is here now. It's new years here!!!!

As some of you asked, here is the transmitter. It is a spektrum dxe dsmx. That's basically all I know about it. Ps. Thx a lot for the help so far
It looks like the DXe can do elevon mixing with the help of a programming cable. If you have the cable they have apps for PC, iOS, and Android that will let you program the radio. I just looked at the DXe listing on the Spektrum site. If you go there it will tell you which cable will work for your radio.
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