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quad copter

  1. U

    v tail coptor build questions

    Hi I'm new to r/c multirotors and am going to build the v tail quad copter and needed help on selecting the electronics. I'm going to use the NTM prop drive series 28-26 1200kv/250w motor and a kk2 board but what other things do i need to complete the project.
  2. H

    Choice of motors for quad-copter build on anycopter frame?

    Hi! I'm about to order electronics to build my first quad-copter with the Anycopter frame and of course Rotorbones, but have a question about what motors to choose. The awesome guide provided by Flitetest lists the Turnigy Park300 1380kv motor, but it's currently backordered at Hobbyking so...
  3. T

    Quad Setup, recommendations

    Greetings community, I'm planning on building a quad and would like to ask you all for recommendations or help me to find the right components for the quad. I'll just go over the list of what i thought could match (help me out if something is wrong there) (already bought) Frame D2830-11 1000kv...
  4. F

    More H Quad Videos part 2

  5. F

    More H Quad Videos

  6. L

    quadcopter motor position question

    Hello, i am woundering what order the motors should be plugged in on the hobbyking v3 blueboard
  7. wadsie

    4-Axis 450 Multi Flame Wheel Flame Strong Smooth KK Quadcopter w/ DEVO7 RTF

    I would like to start getting into quadcopters and thought this would be a easy As i dont have to assemble it. so what do you guys think...