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quad copter

  1. S

    Help! Calling All Quadcopter Drone Owners

    Share your opinions about your favorite drones with us! Rex WorldWide, an Illinois-based engineering firm, is determined to create new, cutting-edge quadcopter drone models and services for everyone, but we need your help. If you own or have owned a drone, let us know what you think of it...
  2. D

    Big Problem need help

    hey guys, im a rookie when it comes to drones. So when messing around with bheli I flashed my lumineer Simon 12a esc for my qav 210 with firmware from an Afro 12a. I figured it would work because of the Simon between them but now my esc when I turn them on only beep and do not spin up the...
  3. davereap

    Please review and try the Syma x5c quad

    Ive bought a variety of small quads from nano to micro to 180 size for the purpose of learning.. And whilst they all fly quite well, some are definitely easier than others... At our indoor club one quad has been gaining popularity.. The Syma x5c numbers were going up whist the heli fliers...
  4. R

    Help! Flourean FX-10 quad copter won't work. It's not binding to transmitter!

    So, I tried to use a different transmitter to fly my Flourean FX-10 quad copter, and it didn't work. So I thought it was no big deal. I then tried to fly it with the transmitter that came with it and it wouldn't work. Both the transmitter and the quad copter lit up but nothing happened when I...
  5. jyrc

    Goodbye prop nut!

    My friend and I went out today to maiden our electrohub-based "scratch-built" quad copter. Fired it up and "whoosh!" Off went a prop nut and the prop with it. The copter itself never left the ground. We searched for half an hour with no success. Just spent $18 for another motor just for the...
  6. B

    How do you program a remote for a quadcopter

    Hi Im new in the hobby of flying rc's and Im really interested in building my first quad now my concerns are... Which remote can I buy for a quad? I saw a Turnigy 9X can that be programed for a quad? Which flight controller would I need for that remote? How do I program any remote to fly a...
  7. B

    Dragonfly Landing Gear

    The store shows the Dragonfly kit with the same detachable landing gear as the tri or quad copter, my question is, would that provide enough ground clearance. I dont see anything thing that saying how long they are but it looks to be about 3" and I can't help but think the 2 downward facing...
  8. B

    9XR or DX8 with Naza Lite Qaud

    I am currently re-building a quad from whats left of my any copter hub. I was flying on the KK2 board and had good success, but crashed and am starting from new. My quad is larger than most commercially avail quads with 650mm between each motor. I built it bigger for more stability with the...
  9. S

    KK board for Knuckle Quad

    I am a COMPLETE newbie with this stuff - but I can solder. I'm building a knuckle quad - so basically an 'X' quad. I've ordered a KK control board from HK. I'm freaking out about the issues I've been reading on the KK boards (boards burning, difficult set up) - is the documentation included...
  10. B

    Quad Flying issues.

    Hi, I have built my first RC quad copter in hopes for it to fly. When i went outside to fly it I unfortunately found it was not flying. I put the throttle up all the way and it didn't even come of the ground an inch. I also noticed the nose cone which hold the prop on the motor is coming of. It...
  11. F


    HI HERES A VIDEO OF IT FLYING...http://youtu.be/vhn2JLCJe1E Dynam RC 6 Channel Quadcopter 650 Almost Ready to Fly with a foam skull i got from wallmart , hollowed out with my souder gun and just used 2 bambo screwes to hold in place over my kk2 board... looks cool might get some LEDs for the...
  12. F


    VIDEO OF MY PROBLEM http://youtu.be/lI0idKFs-VI
  13. Hionimi

    Greetings from the land of... Tulips! The Netherlands

    Hi all, freshly registered and thus introducing myself. My, well, e-name is Hionimi, I'm 26, living in the Netherlands and quite hyped over multirotors lately. I started with a Hype U Can Fly..! after practicing for only three hours on a Phoenix sim. As soon as I send this awesome airplane into...
  14. B

    How to fly.

    Hi, I am am a complete starter at RC quad copters and I a building a SK450 quad. I am 13 and my dad said that before I can put 400 dollars in the air, I need to practice flying first. What is a cheap off the shelf quad copter that I can use to practice. I would like if it were under 60...
  15. B

    Transmitters for beginners?

    Hello, I am a 12yr. old and this is my first time building RC aircrafts. I am planning to build a SK450 quad copter and I am having trouble choosing the right transmitter and receiver. I have been looking at the 9X, 9XR, spectrum DX6i and the hobby king OrangeRX T-SIX. Please let me know your...
  16. U

    v tail coptor build questions

    Hi I'm new to r/c multirotors and am going to build the v tail quad copter and needed help on selecting the electronics. I'm going to use the NTM prop drive series 28-26 1200kv/250w motor and a kk2 board but what other things do i need to complete the project.
  17. H

    Choice of motors for quad-copter build on anycopter frame?

    Hi! I'm about to order electronics to build my first quad-copter with the Anycopter frame and of course Rotorbones, but have a question about what motors to choose. The awesome guide provided by Flitetest lists the Turnigy Park300 1380kv motor, but it's currently backordered at Hobbyking so...
  18. T

    Quad Setup, recommendations

    Greetings community, I'm planning on building a quad and would like to ask you all for recommendations or help me to find the right components for the quad. I'll just go over the list of what i thought could match (help me out if something is wrong there) (already bought) Frame D2830-11 1000kv...
  19. F

    More H Quad Videos part 2

  20. F

    More H Quad Videos