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quad fpv

  1. ItMightFly

    FPV Drone Building Service

    Building a drone can be difficult and challenging. I want to remove that challenge with my service! I provide top of the line service and quality for a very affordable price. ___________ How does it work? The customer will be charged the original price for all components, plus an assembly fee...
  2. ItMightFly

    Looking For FC

    Hey guys! So I have (on accident) bought a SPRacing F3 clone board, and it is very unreliable, very... Ive been looking around the web for a cheap, but realiable, Beta-flight board. I have found a bunch, but very few support Spektrum. The one I found...
  3. N

    GoPro Hero 5 Black FPV

    Hello , i recently purchased a gopro hero 5 black to use on my quad and other projects. Can someone please tell me how it can be connected to an immersionRC 600mw fpv transmitter?
  4. I

    Quad Frame Question

    First time poster so please go easy if this has already been answered. I want to build a scratch quad and was curious if there is a limit on the size I should go. Is there any advantage to going with larger frames versus smaller frames? My goal for this is FPV...simple fpv just to toy...
  5. S

    What is your quad's AUW?

    I recently took apart my tricopter and use the parts to build my version of the H-Quad. My purpose is to mount my go pro and fpv gear on it to get some park flying and recording. I am using a 4000mah 3cell and my setup seemed heavy in the hand. Gear + cameras are 3 lbs 8 ozs, or 1600 grams...