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Quad Frame Question

First time poster so please go easy if this has already been answered.

I want to build a scratch quad and was curious if there is a limit on the size I should go. Is there any advantage to going with larger frames versus smaller frames?

My goal for this is FPV...simple fpv just to toy around with. Also, the guy with the ghost quad for halloween really inspired me.


My experience with planes so far has been bigger is typically more stable...is the same true for quads? I have a Blade mQX and also the Nano QX...ready to step it up a bit.

Thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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general trends:

- more agile (can be more to control, but usually can have more precise control).
- lighter
- more sensitive to weight gain
- can have reasonable flight times with smaller batteries, but usually can't carry anything bigger

- more stable (less likely to get away from you, but can be sluggish to respond)
- heavier
- more fudge room for payload
- can afford to carry bigger batteries, but needs a bigger pack to stay aloft for a reasonable flight.

Typically FPV platforms are a bit larger for the payload capacity, while the "sport" LOS mulitrotor ("I just like flying them") tends to be smaller.

BTW, Welcome to the forum!


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First time poster so please go easy if this has already been answered.
Don't worry about whether a question has been asked and answered before. We're happy to assist.

So to amend Dan's excellent answer, If you want to start small, look at the knuckle quad. To go larger, look at the Anycopter frame. Build videos are available for both.
Have fun, and welcome.