1. Mr.Grinch

    Night Radian first flight...and last...

    So, I took out my brand new Night Radian today. First time out of the box was setting it up at the field (SAFE off). Went through the CG and trim flights without too much issue and started a few runs back and forth across the field. Found a few little thermals that kept me aloft for about 10...
  2. W

    Questions on Broken Servos - UMX Radian

    So my umx radian just ate some turf (attempted inverted flight may or may not have been responsible for said turf-eating, but regardless...) and the only thing that seems to not be working after a full throttle nosedive is the servos on the motherboard. No input from the controller will move...
  3. P

    An anthology of RC Flights 2015.

    These scences were filmed in the french Alps. High mountain area sequences (snow) were shot at "Le Collet d'Allevard" (ski station). Music: bensound.com
  4. P

    Bird of prey. Straight ahead.

    A brief encounter with something like a buzzard. To see the bird go to 1 min 02 sec! Setup: radian + mobius.
  5. Andre

    Achievement Unlocked - Used Radian

    Last night I got to check off a plane from my wish list. Picked up a very nice (used) Radian. I've wanted one since last summer when I had the chance to fly with Chris. I came home after FF and used my Bixler to go soaring. Worked out well but I was always having to strip out the FPV gear...
  6. C

    Capt_Beavis' Quick Noob Plane Reviews.

    Hobby Zone Champ RTF: This plane is obsolete with the introduction of the much better Sport Cub S. A lot of people have learned to fly on this plane but I wasn't one of them. My Champ would nose dive into the ground and not recover on almost every flight. I think I only had one or two short...
  7. paytonc11

    Flyzone Calypso or Parkzone Radian Pro

    I am having trouble deciding between the Parkzone Radian Pro and the Flyzone Calypso. I want ailerons on the glider so that's the reason I'm going for these two. For anyone that has flown or has any information please let me know how you feel on these two gliders! Thanks! Payton
  8. T

    another rookie seeking help with radian

    Just started flying 2 months ago with hobbyzone delta ray. I flew it successfully some and crashed it some. Wanted something different so I got a parkzone radian. I expected a sailplane to be slow and gentle but to ME it seems fast and hard to fly. Main problem is on launch, first time I put...
  9. Croom

    Radian Glider - Spectacular Flight from 300+ Feet (HD Mounted Cam)

    Like this video? Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/croom248
  10. Croom

    Radian Glider With HD Ing Cam - Spectacular footage

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUC4_r2bdgY Check it out
  11. Croom

    Radian Glider With HD wing cam - Spectacular footage

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUC4_r2bdgY&index=18&list=UUot5Q3Aw3oIE7uqcVSLnyFA I mounted a small HD cam on the wing,the park looks really good from up there :)
  12. Croom

    Radian Glider and Firebird Stratos Flying in formation

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxGlRLTfMgQ&list=UUot5Q3Aw3oIE7uqcVSLnyFA&index=15 Me and my bro flying our planes in formation. Enjoy! Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/croom248 Website: http://aileronrc.wordpress.com/
  13. C

    Wha is the best setup for a umx radian and a dx6i

    Hi, I've just recently purchased a umx Radian and done the basic bind to the controller, no tweaking of the settings. It flys great and is really fun and I figure with a little tweaking it could be then more fun. So my question for all you expert and experienced flyers out there is what settings...
  14. L

    KK 2.0 Board on a Radian. Is it possible?

    Can you put a kk board for mutlirotors on an air plane? Have you done it? How did the plane perform, and how did it react on auto level?
  15. IamNabil

    Thoughts on the Radian, vs the Bixler?

    Hey folks. I've decided that I want a Hawk 1500. Since I only really have experience with Helicopters and quads, with less than an hour on a plane, I've decided to work my way up. I cannot decide between the Radian and the Bixler. The Radian is a much nicer looking plane, I think, but the Bixler...