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KK 2.0 Board on a Radian. Is it possible?


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Can you put a kk board for mutlirotors on an air plane? Have you done it? How did the plane perform, and how did it react on auto level?
Shoot ain't no thang. Just got to change firmware to fixed wing.....side note....seems like just a couple years ago I was buying headlock copter gyros and slapping them in anywhere they would fit...one for each axis. Now it's a tiny cheap board and a couple mouse clicks....amazing


creator of virtual planes
If you just want some 3axis stability, there are cheaper ways to go. I still have an Orange 3axis gyro that I never used. I bought it to make it easier to learn how to fly, but I never used it and now I'd prefer to just fight against the wind myself. I think it was only $15, but I recently saw that Hobby King now sells an Rx with the 3axis gyro built in. (I think Orange brand and it may only work with an Orange brand Tx.)


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I've been having issues with my tricopter and am thinking of using the parts for other things. Like building swappables and trying that kk on my radian.
When that cheap orange 3 axis module came out at HK is about the time I got out of the gyro stabilized game. Isn't a bad unit but found in my case it required gain recalibration with almost every new flight. Nothing against gyros but for me it seemed a bit time consuming when all I really wanted to do was fly.


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I did find the flash for the kk board for airplanes. but I don't have ailerons so idk if it would work. Did flash a new multicopter flash on it and my tricopter now flies. May buy another kk board for my plane.
To answer the rest of your question - yes, I've used it on a plane, a Bixler 2. It behaved prefectly on the ground but I really never had the chance to trim in the parameters before it took the eternal dive (elevator clevis came loose - not KK2's fault, rather the klutz that built the kit). The board survived, btw, the rest went into the trash.
Yes, it flew just fine until it crashed =). I did try the stability and levelling, but both were off when it "landed". But I never got the chance to trim the parameters, just went with the defaults, that's my point. I wouldn't hesitate to put it in another plane, and time permitting I would have already. There are plenty of demo videos and a huge thread on RCG attesting that it works just fine. You must read through the docs carefully, though, follow all the steps.