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Wha is the best setup for a umx radian and a dx6i

Hi, I've just recently purchased a umx Radian and done the basic bind to the controller, no tweaking of the settings. It flys great and is really fun and I figure with a little tweaking it could be then more fun. So my question for all you expert and experienced flyers out there is what settings do you recommend for a umx Radian controlled by a DX6i.



Hostage Taker of Quads

Welcome to the forum, and nice choice ;)

I don't own a UMX radian (I've been itching to get one, but at this rate they'll be discontiuned by the time I get around to it), but they fly so very nice.

I am curious, what more would you like it to do? On only 2 servos, and stabilized ones at that, there's not much more it *could* do. There's nothing on the wings so can't add in flaperons or crow breaks. With the stablization you're prety much fixed on rudder/elevator, so elevons or V-tail conversions are pretty much out, and frankly you probably wouldn't like 'em.

At most I *might* see a throttle/elevator mix to give you a little down on higher throttle so the airframe doesn't climb when powered, but that only makes sense if you want to power cruise. The motor on a power glider is designed for launch -- maximum altitude in the shortest time. Otherwise, the airframe is desinged to fly unpowered, but if you prefer powered flight, it can do it.

I've seen a few mods to the frame to make the wing easier to remove, but that's all I've seen so far.
Hi Dan, I just wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of the Radian and dx6i. If no extra tweaking required then thats fine, just didn't know if I could get more out of it or not, so I asked.

Thanks for the reply Dan and Ruud.



Hostage Taker of Quads
No sweat!

Horizon is usually pretty good about making planes that are bullet-proof in setup, but you're right . . . you never know! Just perusing some of the mod threads on other forums can show what a little creativity can add to a UMX airframe.