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radio set up

  1. Oldbrass

    Help! Did I just waste $50 on an Aura?

    Howdy all, Full disclosure- I'm a total n00b to RC aircraft (but not cars, but they mostly stay on the ground. Mostly) and am trying to figure this whole thing out. So I went and picked up an Aura 5 Lite to put in an FT P-47 for my son and now that the build is going along nicely, I'm worried...
  2. F

    Help! RF modules and compatibility

    I'm currently building a plane and would like to invest on a decent transmitter so I've looked towards the Turnigy 9XR PRO that's available for a good price but only without the RF module. I've seen videos of people buying ones from china then doing firmware updates but I was wondering is there...
  3. T

    Motor ramping up

    I rescently just stated to get into RC flight. I built the FT storch with the following set up: Turnigy D2836/8 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack SF E-Prop 10x4.7 / 254x119.5mm w/ Adapters Black Turnigy TGY-i6 AFHDS Transmitter and 6CH Receiver (Mode 2) Hobbyking...