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  1. GrizWiz

    Skin EZ Raptor Skins V1

    EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor. Designed for 3 channel EZ Power Pack, but 2 channel pack will work too. Plans: Here Peel paper from the foam and use spray adhesive to secure the skin. Coming Soon: Build thread
  2. Addicted

    Plane EZ Raptor v1.0

    EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor. Designed for 3 ch EZ Power Pack, and 2 ch pack will work, also. And, the amazing @GrizWiz has created some awesome SKINS for the EZ Raptor! Coming Soon: Build thread
  3. R

    FT-22 Raptor Setup, Warm motor....

    Hi all, Wondering if I can get some help here. My Raptor is setup as follows, Turnigy Park 300, 1600 kv 18 amp turnigy esc 8x6 prop 1350 mah 3s With this setup I am pretty happy BUT..... The motor is kinda hot (hot like, I can't hold it in my hands for more than 10 seconds) when landing...
  4. R

    What would be a good airfoil for a FPV flying wing

    Hi everyone. I am designing a flying wing. It is going to be 1m wingspan and I'm thinking that eventually I will add a small FPV system and use to teach myself FPV. I have designed it to be similar to the raptor 100 which I saw in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W7Zz4YVEqM I'm...
  5. BanditJacksRC

    FT-22 Raptor Build - and Questions From a Newbie!

    I build a Storch last week, and took it out for my first RC flight ever. After about 3 or 4 minutes of flying around, it took a pretty good tumble. All the damage was fixed the next day, but decided I wanted something a little smaller to lug around. (plus my work area isn't all that big) This...
  6. F

    Flight of the F.T. 20 Dew Raptor

    you guys ask for it so here you go! http://youtu.be/kNzAPWHwHik