FT-22 Raptor Setup, Warm motor....


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Hi all,
Wondering if I can get some help here. My Raptor is setup as follows,

Turnigy Park 300, 1600 kv
18 amp turnigy esc
8x6 prop
1350 mah 3s

With this setup I am pretty happy BUT..... The motor is kinda hot (hot like, I can't hold it in my hands for more than 10 seconds) when landing, after only 3 or 4 minutes of flight. I also notice some sluggishness after three minutes. Battery is right at storage levels when landing and not hot at all. Just wondering should I get a bigger motor? Esc isn't warm at all. A bigger prop just added to the sluggish feel throughout the whole flight.
Any help is appreciated!
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That might be too big of a prop. That's about all I can think of other then is the prop on the right way

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You would be alot better running a 7x6apc at that kv rating. The kv is just alittle high for a 8inch prop and will lack in efficiency
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LOL, I ordered from the East Coast Warehouse, and I have had good luck with that in the past. The first time I ever ordered from HK, It took 6 weeks to get my order!! But with the east and west coast U.S. warehouses now its much quicker. EXPENSIVE (shipping).....but quicker.


I have a FT Flyer that was getting a bit too warm when running an 8x6 prop on a 1450KV motor supplied by a 1300 maH battery. But from your description, mine wasn't as hot as yours. I backed mine off to an 8x4 prop and wound up with a perfect match, in my opinion. That being said, with your motor being a bit faster than mine, I would be inclined to take a drop in prop size too.


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Just received my HK order (4 days!!), unfortunately, its time for work!!! :( No time to play today. I'll report back tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions


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That stinks man. Like I said, after that first fiasco, I've had good luck every order. Sucks waiting for parts to fly. Hope it come soon for ya bud!


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Burned a couple batteries through it today, motor is definately cooler! Seems to have lost a little punch but still a blast! She climbs well and handles fantastic! Still not getting the flight times I expected though. Is 4 minutes to be expected with this setup? Not complaining, just curious. Thanks for the suggestions here, very much appreciated! Happy flyin,


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The FT22 recommends an 8 x 6 for the 1300kv motor but I run a Turnigy 1100kv and swing a 9 x 4.7 slow-fly just fine. I use a 3s 20c 1300mah pack thru a 30A esc with no overheating whatsoever! The punch-out performance is astounding too!
What I had to get right was the prop balance! That big prop would destroy the FT22 given just too little attention to balancing the prop!
One build detail to get right is gluing in the motor mount on all three sides and constructing it (the plywood mount) with 15 or 30 minute epoxy. Also keep the prop in the center fore to aft, of the bowtie slot. Get it too close to the front, in my experience, makes more noise and kills the battery toot-sweet! Don't know why....it just does! I love my FT22 and have built three now. I gave the other away as gifts to some newbies after they got dinged a couple of times....Both are still flying too! Gotta love that dollar tree foam!

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What do I need to fix ?!?

I built my FT-22 with a Turnigy 1450kv running a 1300mah 3 Cell Lipo on a 30A Esc, pushing a 3 bladed 8x6 prop.

This setup gets the plane in the air, but only flies between ¾ throttle and wide open throttle, and the motor is always screaming hot after a 3 minute flight.

What can I do to improve flight times and efficiency?

Here is motor and the prop: