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rc planes

  1. Webb RC

    Beautiful RC Models

  2. Webb RC

    Perry RC fLYERS

  3. jonmichael145

    best glue for balsa planes!?!?!

    whats the best/strongest glue for wooden planes. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. CustomRCMods

    CustomRCMods YouTube Channel - New Videos Daily

    Hey All, Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my YouTube Channel, CustomRCMods. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsoNpEbDwGT0mBoECt1ny8Q/featured I started this channel back when I drove RC cars primarily, and I would show modifications you could do to fix/improve your RC vehicles...
  5. bracesport

    my flight log

    My son was born nearly six years ago, and pretty much all free time stopped. I used to work too hard and for me, I really wanted to become a dad-aholic, so it wasn't a sacrifice, but it was a tough adjustment! Roll forward five years and after all the modelmaking with cardboard and hot glue...
  6. A

    Best FPV moments!

    Please post your best FPV Moments in this thread! Here are my best fpv moments. Hope you enjoy! This video was filmed mainly using a turnigy action camera. The aircraft used in this video for anyone that's intrested where an FT Versa wing, FT Explorer, Diatone 250 FPV racer, DJI phantom FC40...
  7. H

    Hello, im HSnowman

    Short for HeadlessSnowman, anyway im here because it was recommended by 3 different people in 2 different places. So you much be doing something right ;) . As I am new Im not really sure what the correct media medium is here so please dont kill me for using imgur if its consitered taboo. This is...
  8. G

    3D plane recommendations?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting a 3D plane and am looking for some recommendations. I want one that is very durable, is made of foam, can fly very slowly, can high alpha, hover, do harriers, do rolling harriers, has at least a five minute flight time, can be flown outside with 10 mph wind, costs...
  9. F

    Fundraiser for AeroKingRC.com

    Post ended