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  1. JimCR120

    RCExplorer Tricopter V4

    Well I had been debating if I really wanted to do a multirotor build, which one it would be, and when I'd get started. So now one could say I've pulled the proverbial trigger that answers those questions at least in part and our favorite Swede is to blame with the release of his latest and...
  2. M

    Lumenier qav210 or RcExplorer Mini Tricopter build?

    Im looking to upgrade from my 3s RoboCat 270 build, but I'm not sure on what frame to get. I'm planning to get new motors and escs too. Can someone list the pros and cons of each? Which frame is better for what? Has anyone used any of the frames? Especially the mini tricopter, is it any good...
  3. J

    Electrohub Upgrades

    Any chance the FliteTest store might one day carry the carbon fiber booms that David Windestal offers on RC Explorer for the TriCopter? I ordered a set of 4 for my ElectroHub to test out, but it would be nice to be able to get them from here in the states if possible. I know they're only 10mm...
  4. K

    Tricopter V3 Build with Carry Case

    Hi guys! This thread is just meant for my own records and to provide information for anyone who wants it, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or advice, please let me know. I chose the Tricopter V3 because it seemed to cover all the bases, fast and fluid flight, good aerial...
  5. S

    My first build, RcExplorer Tricopter

    Here's my build of the RcExplorer tricopter, spent a fair few nights on this, excited to fly. All electronics are programmed and KK2 is ready. Got 3 x 3S 2200MAH to keep me flying for a few minutes. Very happy with the design from David, also using his tricopter plate with signature. KK2...
  6. James

    RCexplorer custom made FPV Tricopter

    Here is my Tricopter based on the famous David Windestål AKA RC Explorer design. This build has been constructed with care and attention to detail. It is very stable and agile. The Tricopter folds up for easy storage/transport and helps to reduce damage in the event of a crash by absorbing...
  7. U

    Complete Beginner's Guide to Building a RCE Style Tricopter

    For those trying to get into the multirotor scene without spending too much $$$, I have devoted many hours into filming and editing this 5-part video to make the process less daunting for you all. Below is the first part, let me know if you guys need any additional information.
  8. K

    lasercut tricopter middle sections

    Hi, I'm selling lasercut tricopter middle sections. It is the Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template (thanks Colorex and RCExplorer for this). They are lasercut from 4mm birch plywood and weigh 29 grams for a set(top + bottom). The flitetest logo is laser engraved, the dot is the COG. They...
  9. colorex

    Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template

    ..:: Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template ::.. An optimized tricopter template based on the design by RCExplorer.se Hi guys! After some talking over at Shadow74's tricopter thread, we came to the conclusion that the original RCExplorer template could be a bit better. So I started to...