RCexplorer custom made FPV Tricopter


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Here is my Tricopter based on the famous David Windestål AKA RC Explorer design. This build has been constructed with care and attention to detail. It is very stable and agile. The Tricopter folds up for easy storage/transport and helps to reduce damage in the event of a crash by absorbing impact.







The Tricopter features 12mm wooden booms - 30cm long.

The Tricopter comprises of the following components:

12mm wooden booms, 30cm these have been tested and this setup provides the best balance between stability and agility.
KK Multicopter Flight Control Board.
X 3 CF2822 1200Kv 13.5A brushless motors - these are brand new. With their rare earth magnets and excellent build quality they provide 700g of thrust each, thats 2.1 kg of thrust in total.
X3 Hobbywing Funfly 18 amp electronic speed controllers - these are ideal for multi rotor platforms and provide more then enough current to the motors which means they stay cool and will last.
High quality Hobbyking HK939MG 2.5kg metal gear tail servo.
Proven and reliable RC Explorer yaw mechanism.
XT 60 battery connector.
X3 slowfly 24cm propellers. This includes three props which I have balanced using a precision prop balancer.

The Tricopter is built to be strong but also light and weighs only 500 grams without battery - this means that there is 1600 grams of additional thrust which allows for a huge carrying capacity or great aerobatics. This kind of additional thrust allows for example a battery weighing 500 gram - enough for 5000 mah+ of capacity (very large capacity), meaning that the flight time can be very long indeed (20 minutes + depending of the battery). In addition this allows the ability to add FPV equipment and other accessories.

You may be wondering why the Tricopter is made out of wood and uses zip ties to hold the components to the body. Well this is because these parts are designed to be easily replaceable and break before other more expensive components. This means that the Tricopter is easily fixable and low cost to do so. The only things you need to fix 99% of crashes is a long wooden rod, zip ties and possibly spare propellers. Being an FPV platform there is an increased risk of crashing, or for beginners this provides a good learning platform.

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This isn't an advert I just wanted to post my newly built tricopter in the forums, however it is for sale now to fund my next project (which is a fully automated drone :cool: ) so if anyone is interested here is the link below to the ebay page. Oh and I can ship abroad if arranged.



Got my bid in :) I've been looking forward to getting into multicopters. this could be a good start


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Nice job. Im going to do the same build with the same motors. I was wondering where you got your main frame. Or if you made it, what is is made of.