Tricopter V3 Build with Carry Case


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Hi guys! This thread is just meant for my own records and to provide information for anyone who wants it, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or advice, please let me know.

I chose the Tricopter V3 because it seemed to cover all the bases, fast and fluid flight, good aerial photography platform, relatively cheap and has good support.

So anyway, Ive just moved to Canada from New Zealand, so I had to leave all my RC stuff at home, so I had to buy everything again, Tx, soldering iron etc. So heres the list.

- Taranis plus
- X8R receiver
- FrSky smart port voltage telemetry sensor
- FrSky 150mm receiver antenna
- Tricopter V3 frame and spares
- All recommended parts for 900kv 4s set up from RCexplorer
- KK2 mini
- Kydex thermo plastic for snow shoes.
- Pink insulation foam
- Ebay USBasp programmer

So the basic build was as David does it in his videos. So heres some photos.

I wanted to make this as snow proof as possible, being its going to land in snow lots.
So I added heat shrink to all the ESC's and then hot glued the openings. To make them pretty much water proof.
20150309_150933.jpg 20150309_150925.jpg

I also didn't like the short RX antenna's, so I bought the 15cm versions too. They were easy to attach, just split the receiver casing open and unclip and re-clip the new ones on. Then I added some hot glue just for piece of mind.
20150309_120245.jpg 20150309_120638.jpg 20150309_120748.jpg

As the normal landing feet aren't going to do anything in the snow I wanted to make some replacements, I don't have a 3d printer or anything so I decided to improvise. I knew of a product called Kydex so I ordered some. Its a thermo-plastic, yo put it in the oven for 3 minutes at 400F then take it out, mould it quickly and let it cool. Super easy to work with, usually used for making gun holsters. I made a mould and made some legs, they turned out awesome and super strong with just enough bounce. I drilled for 3 zip ties because for the maiden I had 2 on the stock legs and they snapped way too easily.

I flashed the KK-mini with stevies latest and set all the PID's to what David said, took it out for its maiden and it went perfect. My flying is questionable, but I don't have a heap of experience.

Ill post a photo of it completed soon. But here is some flying pics.
Edit 1.jpg DSCN2146.JPG DSCN2105.JPG

I made an edit yesterday of my 3rd time out. Went awesome, can't wait to get some FPV gear on it and do some faster distance flying.
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welcome to the forum. looks like you have your basics covered. the only thing id be concern about is heat sealing up the ESC> but it is cold there so i guess that is nothing to worry about??

can you link to this plastic, it looks interesting i to do not have a 3d printer but need to come up with something for feet for my project.
looks great. thanks for sharing.


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Thanks! Im really happy with how it flies, Ive got lots of fixed wing experience but hardly any multi rotor.

I left the ESC's unsealed for the maiden and a while and they didn't get warm at all, since Ive sealed them, they get slightly warm but not anything to get worried about.

For sure! This is the product,, Way cheaper than a 3d printer haha

But I got it from

They shipped quickly and were the cheapest around. Probably different if your not in Canada, but just hunt around, lots of places stock it, knife makers and for pistol holsters etc. It can be slightly intimidating to work with but it is seriously easy. All you need is an oven and a baking tray. I would recommend making moulds out of wood if you have the means, the foam ones I used deformed a little bit and left my feet less than perfect, but still good enough for what I want.


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thanks, iv used that stuff before.. i was thinking of another product for some reason. once i red kydex i was like doh..

one of my hobbies is forging knifes etc.. i have a nice stash of iron from the 1800s known as wrought iron ( no longer made for a really long time).. its great for adding bling to ones blade. or a sami style knife.. and then you etch it and it gives it a cool layered look.

its great she is flying well for you.