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receiver issues

  1. H

    Rx, battery, and servo setup - for a noob, please help

    Hi guys, New to the forums and everything but come from the fpv drone world... I had an old, partially built, dlg glider in my attic and decided to build it completely. Everything went fine but I'm stuck a little with the electronics. So with drones, I'm used to there being a pdb that you...
  2. HariUp

    Solved FC not recognising PPM signal.

    On Cleanflight, when I jiggle the joysticks of my transmitter, nothing shows up on the screen when I go to the Receiver menu. I am using an SP Racing F3 Evo Brushed Motor FC with Cleanflight, and a FlySky FS-T4B Transmitter with a FS-R6B Receiver. The PWM signals from the receiver are converted...
  3. S

    First Build! Spektrum AR620 not activating EMAX ESC

    Hi Everyone, This is my first Flite Test build and my first anything build since the late 80's. I have a Spektrum DX6, which has properly bound to the AR620 (powered by the ESC) and moves servos fine; however, the throttle does not engage the motor, nor do I get the arming beeps when I power it...
  4. D

    Help! Flightcontroller and Receiver not talking

    Hello! A little while ago I bought the darkmax 220, and recently I wanted to go from FlySky to FrSky. I got the receiver yesterday (XM+). Binding the receiver when without any real pain, I had to look up some video's on YouTube. But when I plug in my receiver to my quad it does not seem to talk...
  5. TylerTotally

    Solved 1st post, 1st fpv problem

    Hello everybody! I just joined the fourm because I know how kind and knowledgeable the community here is. I just finished my first quadcopter which is 3d printed with alum struts, flys great and I love the thing! I was ready to get into fpv after getting Liftoff. So I bought a overkill akk x2...
  6. S

    Aurora 90 receiver delay

    NEED HELP!!! Recently purchased FRSKY receiver Aurora 90 and bound to Taranis Q7 and I am geting 1-2 second delay out of box. I flashed with new firmware, on Taranis, YJT receiver, FC , all settings as the should be , SBUS, etc. But I still have 1-2 sec delay on all channels.I don’ know what...