Solved 1st post, 1st fpv problem


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Hello everybody! I just joined the fourm because I know how kind and knowledgeable the community here is. I just finished my first quadcopter which is 3d printed with alum struts, flys great and I love the thing! I was ready to get into fpv after getting Liftoff. So I bought a overkill akk x2 1200MW fpv transmitter. As well as the budget friendly RC832 5.8ghz receiver. I got it all in the mail assembled it...

- and I get no video from my transmitter to my receiver
- if i do get anything is isn't the stereotypical static its weird thick diagonal lines that move when the transmitter moves (based off signal) Not dependent off of camera.

I'm sure there are hundreds of beginners out there with the same problems as me but...
I hope I can get this working so I can help other newbies in the future!
Thank you!



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Are you sure your antenna and receiver have the same style of connectors? Some of those Rx units have SMA, and some are RP-SMA.


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Hey guys thank you for all the help, it turned out it was a defective camera. I tested it my soldering some wires on to my old Wii console and started it up and saw my Wii splash screen on my receiver.