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Help! Flightcontroller and Receiver not talking


A little while ago I bought the darkmax 220, and recently I wanted to go from FlySky to FrSky. I got the receiver yesterday (XM+). Binding the receiver when without any real pain, I had to look up some video's on YouTube. But when I plug in my receiver to my quad it does not seem to talk to the flight controller, I know that the bind was succesfull because the green LED is on and when I turn off my Taranis it goes red. But it does not go in bleeping mode or anything, and when I connect it so betaflight it also does not show me when I move one of the gimbals. I already made sure I used the correct UART. Is there anything I can do to solve the issue?
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Dennis van Rijssen
Thanks for your quick response! I already have made sure that I had that one....

Now I have tried some other things, it does not seem to save the receiver mode
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Eternal Student
Did you connect to the SBUS pad, or a different UART? SBUS is an inverted protocol, and I believe only the SBUS pad is inverted on the Omnibus F4 FC.