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rev 6

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    Noob with a Nighthawk 250

    I got a EMAX Nighthawk 250 kit for Christmas and a Turnigy 9x radio and receiver. I had read that the naze32 was better than the CC3D so I put a Naze 32Rev 6 on my quad. I should probably mention that this is my first miniquad build and I have zero flying experience. My problem is that I can't...
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    Versacopter v2 with ppm lemonrx and DX9

    So I finally completed my versacopter v2 build using Flitetest electronics pack. The only difference is I am using a dx9 and a lemonrx 8 channel ppm reciever. Used pid setting provided by the video for a baseline(I am a newb tuner). Tried to set the loop time like in the video but no matter what...
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    Naze32 Rev 6 with Versacopter - little help please?

    Hi everyone. I've finally gotten around to building my Versacopter and have sourced my Naz32 rev 6 board outside of flitetest. In any case, I have it all soldered up (with a sidepin layout) and it seems the new board doesn't cleanly fit into the versacopter becuase of the 10x1 pin breakout...