1. flitetest

    Part FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder 1.0

    FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder Design By: David Jester 3D Printable replacement water rudder for the Flite Test Grumman G-44 Widgeon. Print vertical with PLA or Tough PLA (PLA+), 100% infill, no supports, with brim.
  2. D

    Simple cub

    Could you add a tail wheel to the simple cub, any links to a tail wheel I could buy and glue/tape onto the rudder like the Hobbyzone Champ. The rudder on my simple cub has a buldge on the backside of the hindge will that affect the flight characteristics of it will post a picture later.
  3. F

    Bloody Baron - Your Setup? And Rudder - Yay or Nay?

    I've got a Bloody Baron on the way to the build table. Please share your build experience, setup, and whether or not you added the optional rudder servo. Why or why not? Be specific, give examples! (I'm kidding of course, but I would like to know IF you installed the rudder servo, or left it...
  4. W

    Re-attaching pushrods to servos on the control board

    Did I ask that right? The connection of the pushrod that sometimes comes out from either the circuit board area, or near the control horn? What is the best way to re-attach these so that they are solid and will not come undone easily? Duct tape? heat shrink tube? JB Weld? Solder? All or some...
  5. K

    Rudder for Tricopter

    Hi Guys New to this forum and love RC i have raced alot of cars over the years and want to take to the skys :) I have been watching the channel for the last few months (like 6 months) and after watching the quadcopter vs tricopter review and some tricopter reviews decided this was the way i...
  6. R

    Upside down rudders on Bloody Wonder

    I'm thinking I cannot possibly be the first person to ever do this, but, in a rush to keep the hot glue from becoming set, I accidentally put the first rudder fin on my first build, the FT Bloody Wonder, on upside down. Because I knew it would be a huge mess and a pain to undo, I just put the...
  7. S

    what is the use of Rudder when having Ailerons to turn?

    Hey everyone, I have been wondering about this for a few days now: What do planes use their rudder for when they have ailerons? I understand that 3D planes need rudder for their awesome crazyness, but what do 'normal' planes use it for? A plane can turn using it's ailerons right? Or can only...
  8. stay-fun

    Symmetrical wing Bloody Wonder

    Hi guys! Here's my version, my modification to the Bloody Wonder! I've had a couple of planes, but the bloody wonder is the one I liked most of all of them! There were only 2 things I needed to change: I wanted a rudder, and a symmetrical wing. The rudder mod is already on this forum, and I've...
  9. T

    FT Bloody Wonder Rudder and Wing Mods

    I only have been able to fly it twice but the time I did have it in the air was the most fun I have had in the hobby yet. I made this plane according to the plans with some modifications. 1. The plans leave about an inch of space on each side of normal size DT foam board. I made use of the...
  10. O

    WANTED!!! Cheap RC glider with no motor! Must have ailerons, elevator and rudder

    Does anybody have a cheap RC glider for sale and is able to ship to Somerset, UK? Thanks