Bloody Baron - Your Setup? And Rudder - Yay or Nay?

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I've got a Bloody Baron on the way to the build table. Please share your build experience, setup, and whether or not you added the optional rudder servo. Why or why not? Be specific, give examples! (I'm kidding of course, but I would like to know IF you installed the rudder servo, or left it fixed.)

Thanks, and blue skies!
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I've done multiple Baby Barons and didn't need rudder. I did need to wear brown pants to the field cause those things are little speed demons, but they work just fine as a bank-and-yank plane. And they are tough enough to survive just fine anytime I'm going too slow and bank over, stall, and cartwheel across the field. :black_eyed:

So yeah, the only real advantage I'd see on a combat ship like this for a rudder would be to make it easier for that final turn before the landing approach. If you're going for full contact combat however, it's just another piece to get broken and potentially stuck pointing somewhere other than straight, so I'd skip it in that case.


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It's not necessary. It's really only there so you can do more crazy stuff, but for a simple bank and yank/combat setup, you don't really need it. Unless you have a burning need for snap rolls, it's not a necessity.


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I build most of mine without the rudder. In fact, I think I've only built 2 with the rudder, the prototype and the model I used to create the build thread on the forums. Bank and yank for most of my combat birds.


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I have built with and without the rudder. I prefer no rudder for the simplicity and saved weight. I have never flown combat so I can't say if it helps but I think not.


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Mine has a Rudder servo. I do not do combat yet. As a noob, the extra maneuverability is nice, but not required.



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mine has rudder. i love climbing straight up, then going into crazy snap turns one after the other. lots of fun and looks really cool.

word to the wise, start with very little throw. not much is needed anywhere, especially in the ailerons. this thing will roll like nobody's business and can be very easy to lose orientation on at distance.

barron w streamer.jpg

very quick, easy build. one of the easiest i've done so far.


jason ;)