1. Test Fly RC

    The Flite Test Master Series F-16 Viper, is released!

    The FT Master Series F-16, is finally Here! FT F-16 SBK
  2. Mr.Grinch

    Which FT foamboard?

    I’ve been holding off on getting a few of the master series SBK’s for a while now and since there were no sales this past week I’m going to buy a few, but less than I was planning before. My question to everyone out there with experience, would I be better off getting the brown foam version...
  3. ScratchBuildMast

    MS Spit sbk, but without buying it?

    Hello! I was thinking of buying a ms spitfire for my collection (and of course to fly!) If any of you would like, I could take pics of all the sheets of foam and send it you guys! Thanks, and if you like this idea, you're welcome!
  4. S

    F22 SBK Control Throws

    I have just finished building this kit and it looks great. I used the video to build it and all came out great EXCEPT Josh doesn't give you any data on the elevon throws. Can some one tell me how much throw to use? Expo? In the box there is a vague reference to using the guage but Josh doesn't...