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F22 SBK Control Throws

I have just finished building this kit and it looks great. I used the video to build it and all came out great EXCEPT Josh doesn't give you any data on the elevon throws. Can some one tell me how much throw to use? Expo? In the box there is a vague reference to using the guage but Josh doesn't cover this in the video. Thanks in advance.


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I don't have the SBK for the -22 but usually it's marked for high and low. If there is only one angle on the gauge, use it to set up high throw and go roughly three quarter to half that for low rate. Expo is personal preference but around 30-50% should be a decent starting place.


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I built F22 per the build video. Took only 4 hours.

I set the dual rate low at 50%/expo at 30%. However both hand launches produced crashes. Aircraft was spinning to left like a torque roll. Impact on nose and a broken prop on both attempts.

Any ideas?


Dedicated foam bender
What is the thrust like? If you throttle up while holding the plane vertical, does it feel like it wants to lift itself?
I guess the most important one is how hard do you throw it on launch? I know it's hard to give it a good chuck if you are unsure of whether it will fly or not, but more air over the wings can help a lot with torque roll...