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scratch builbing

  1. TommyTucker

    How to transfer designs from paper to foam?

    ‪I am scratch building the simple cub currently - my first ever scratch build. I am using the free online plans which I have printed on A4 and taped together. Any tips on how to transfer the plans onto the foam to cut out?‬
  2. cdfigueredo

    FTFC20 Biloute designed by HardWork

    Last month I started the construction of this great model in this thread "A new attempt to start right.". I will try to keep the thread as clean as possible. ;) I've decided to build a real trainer model, specifically the Biloute, a model from this French page.
  3. F

    Dull blade foam cutting

    you can cut straight edges of foam board by cutting part way through, cracking it so the only thing holding it together is paper, flipping it over, and slicing just the paper. The razor will naturally take the easiest path which is the paper. I've done this many times and it always leaves a...