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  1. D

    Which antenna and camera

    Hello, my brother bought this kit in 2015 for his quadcopter: https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopter-parts/pp_212704.html?fbclid=IwAR3pD54lCvbcIOBzD4Mzgtfod-sUEuonq1MPfMA7lxYeGoNbi9aGV6hkos0 He lost his quadcopter due to wind but the Screen is still here, only missing the antena (idk why). The...
  2. waxton

    I just need advice (or goggles)... If you could help, that'd be great :)

    So basically I've been wanting to get into drones and stuff for a while now, and I have had a couple small ones before, but this year for christmas I finally got a Luminer QAV 250. In addition, I also got a flysky controller, and a tiny 5.8 GHz camera and transmitter. However, I do not have a...
  3. K

    DIY FPV help appreciated

    Hello, so Im putting together my first quadcopter (480mm) and Iv dished out a bit more than expected for the parts. One of my most wanted parts was an fpv kit for the quad, however i couldnt buy one because of the price of even the cheap kits ($100+). I was wondering, if i had my own screen, say...
  4. D

    fpv screen recommendations ??

    Hello me and my friend have a quad copter and have been filming with it for a while and now we want to get a fpv screen s does anyone have any successions for a good and cheep screen with built in receiver ?????
  5. Mastrmindz

    KK2.1 Issue With the Screen

    Hey guys. I recently went flying and tested a new 2200mAh 3s turnigy battery on my tricopter. After one bouncy landing, it went head-over-heels. The KK2.1 board was initially alright, but when I unplugged the battery and replugged it, something went wrong with the screen. I have the image...