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I just need advice (or goggles)... If you could help, that'd be great :)


Broke Highschooler
So basically I've been wanting to get into drones and stuff for a while now, and I have had a couple small ones before, but this year for christmas I finally got a Luminer QAV 250. In addition, I also got a flysky controller, and a tiny 5.8 GHz camera and transmitter. However, I do not have a screen or goggles or anything to see the signal on.

Basically all I want is advice. If you have extra goggles and are feeling generous, I will definitely not refuse, but mostly I am just looking for help on what to buy and where to buy it and stuff.

As with basically every other story on here, I am a highschooler with no job, so obviously I can't get fatsharks or anything like that, but if you had any advice on what is the best for a cheap price or anything, I am all ears.


I'd recommend the Eachine VR007 Pro off of banggood.com but make sure you purchase at least 2 antennas, one for the quad and one for the goggles as the di polar that comes with the goggles will just barely get you by. Its nothing fancy but its cheap, light weight and quite comfortable and the battery is easy to charge off of micro-usb and lasts about 2 hours. How ever if you have a bigger budget than that anything higher up in the eachine range is a good alternative for starter goggles however I have heard that the EV100s have a low Field of view. I hope this helps