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DIY FPV help appreciated


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Hello, so Im putting together my first quadcopter (480mm) and Iv dished out a bit more than expected for the parts. One of my most wanted parts was an fpv kit for the quad, however i couldnt buy one because of the price of even the cheap kits ($100+). I was wondering, if i had my own screen, say a pc monitor or something, and a gopro hero, would it be possible to purchase just a video transmitter and receiver and hook all four pieces up together to create an fpv system? If im missing something some help would be greatly appreciated, if theres more involved to fpv than a camera, screen, transmitter and receiver (besides batteries..).

Thanks in advance!


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As long as the screen doesn't go to blue when it looses signal you should be fine. all you will need is the adapter for the gopro to the fpv transmitter and then what ever wires you need to go from the reciever to the screen.


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If you new to flying and on a limited budget you probably don't want to put your expensive goPro on the model. You will crash it and destroy it. Get a cheap board camera instead...

Here's a set for 20 GBP as an example. Can't tell you if it's any good so look around and see what people say

Any TV or monitor that has a composite video in (usually a yellow socket ) will work to start. The blue screen thing has to do with how the monitor behaves when you have poor signal. If you are just running it close by you should have ok signal and the blue screen thing may not be a problem. So try the one you have and if you find it's a problem or you want to fly further then find a different one.


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Also i'm pretty sure you can get video out from a go pro hero. There may not be a dedicated video socket but its on one of the lines on the conector. May depend on the particuar model you have.