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set up

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    new, need mixing

    hello, Im new to the hobby and built a few planes, "(crazy dihedral) pizza box, FT mini mustang, ftforum Bugatti, and ftstem Alpha-Charlies". Just recieved my TX a UGFPV nirvana, very excited and still haven't played with all ther features. Looking for good 3 channel rudder-aileron mix/config...
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    3 Axis Gimbals: Nube Needs Advice

    I have built a large copter capable of carrying a DSLR, and now I'm looking at putting a gimbal on it. I have the gimbal, but am looking for a controller. Can anyone give me advice on a good controller that is relatively easy to set up? I've been looking at the AlexMos 32bit 3 axis...
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    Completely new to RC. I ordered some stuff and now I need help setting up.

    I stupidly ordered some stuff and now I need help setting up. The last time I flew a plane was when I flew a Delta Ray about 1 year ago. I did some circles an then landed perfectly. That was my first flight, ever. Then the exams came, and now its gone. I want to build a plane that I can train...