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3 Axis Gimbals: Nube Needs Advice


Gravity Tester
There are really only two good performing DIY controller options for 3 axis gimbals right now; Alexmos/SimpleBGC and Storm32. Alexmos is propriety and used by more professionals. Storm32 is open source and costs almost a tenth the cost (you can find boards for $20-$30). Alexmos has slightly more features including encoder support which is nice if your gimbal has encoders. The creator of Storm32 is working on encoders right now so even Storm32 will have encoder support soon enough. Both controllers are equally easy/complicated (depending who you are) to set up.

Since a Storm32 board is so much cheaper I would recommend getting one first. If you find it under performing then you can spend the money on an Alexmos board.

By the way did you buy the gimbal or make one? I'm curious because like designing my own gimbals and have been wanting to build a DSLR/Mirrorless sized one, but do not a convincing need to do so.
I bought a gimbal on eBay. I don't remember the manufacturer, but it was a $350 setup with motors, but with out a controller. I can go back and look it up, if you like.