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    How to stop potentiometer centering on Flysky fs-i6s?

    Hi, I'm new to the hobby and I was having fun with my homebuilt drone recently. I want to get a gimbal working (that I'm waiting to arrive) and I had an issue related to my RC Controller. It's a flysky fs-i6s and there are two potentiometers on the sides (vrA and vrB), but all of the two are...
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    FS-i6s | Vector Thrust | FT Twin Sparrow

    Hey everyone! I need a hand with programming my transmitter for use with the FT Twin Sparrow. I already managed to program the rear V-Tail servos correctly, and now all I need to do is set it up for vector thrust. I am using the FlySky FS-i6s with the FS-i6b receiver. I have used both models...
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    Expos, limits, mixes, and modes ...

    Collective experts, As a relative newbie, I am wondering if there is a central location where there are suggested configurations for the various ft planes, as well as tuning parameters for the FT quads, especially the new gremlins. Art / K0ACP
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    Tricopter Transmitter settings ?? (Heli v. Acro, StickSet Mode) ???

    I've just completed a tricopter build and I am wondering what I should set my radio to, Heli v. Acro and what StickSet Mode I should use? Any help would be appreciated. Specs: i86L Flight Controller Plush 40A ESC's AX-2810Q-750KV motors Turing 9X radio
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    Versacopter 3 cell PID setup file for Naze32 V5?

    I have been flying my Versacopter for some time now and upgraded to the new mounts. I use powerpack E and a 3 cell battery. It flies pretty well and I fly a lot in acro mode now. Sometimes I get some oscillation when I cut the throttle when lowering altitude and I cut the throttle too much. My...
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    Spektrum dx6i plane / heli mode for tricopter

    Hi, I'm looking to build my first tricopter and I'm finding it difficult to get information on how to set up my Spektrum dx6i transmitter. Some posts have it in plane mode while others have it in heli, can someone please help me by listing the pro's and cons for each in this situation.
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    P and I ?

    Hi guys, I am a noobie at RC and I have built my fist SK450 quadcopter. I have tried flying it and I totally failed. It fliped over both the times I got it of the ground. I have never flown anything RC related except for a syma x1. I think I have heard that the P and I settings control the...