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Spektrum dx6i plane / heli mode for tricopter

Hi, I'm looking to build my first tricopter and I'm finding it difficult to get information on how to set up my Spektrum dx6i transmitter. Some posts have it in plane mode while others have it in heli, can someone please help me by listing the pro's and cons for each in this situation.


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Heli mode gives more options with mixes but can be more complicated to setup if you don't already fly heli's. plane mode is more simple. The most you will likely ever need from your transmitter is dual rates, expo and maybe a throttlecurve which plane mode will provide (I don't own DX6i). For learning you won't need any of this so I'd stick with plane mode and leave the fiddling till you know how to fly. The flight control board will do everything you need right now.