Versacopter 3 cell PID setup file for Naze32 V5?

I have been flying my Versacopter for some time now and upgraded to the new mounts. I use powerpack E and a 3 cell battery. It flies pretty well and I fly a lot in acro mode now. Sometimes I get some oscillation when I cut the throttle when lowering altitude and I cut the throttle too much. My rates are set at .5 for pitch, roll and yaw. What are these rates and how do they affect flying characteristics? I use the multiwii rewrite PID controller in Cleanflight and have not changed PIDs. Josh had posted a PID setup but it says it is for a 4 cell set up. DOes it matter if I am using 3 cell battery or can I also use this PID setup? Also, I do not have oneshot enabled.



Gravity Tester
Rates will basically dictate how sensitive your copter will be to stick input. Higher rates and you will be able to flip faster and maneuver faster. Of course more sensitive inputs will make flying more difficult so you might want to add some expo to soften up the sensitivity at mid stick.

You can use the 4s PID setup if you want, but 4s PIDs will be different than 3s PIDs. Oneshot will also make a difference. There's plenty of people on this forum who could graciously share their PIDs with you. With that said, if you want to get something really dialed in and flying the way you want, I suggest you start learning to tune your own PIDs now. It's difficult and confusing at first, but it is a very vital skill to have in this sector of the hobby.

Also to help with the wobble on descents, try increasing I gain on pitch and roll,as well as descend at an angle to avoid prop wash.