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  1. D

    broken feathering shaft HK 250 GT. Is it common?

    Hello fellow hobby enthusiasts: This is my first post so constructive criticism will be more than welcomed. With that out of the way a bit of backstory. I've recently got into RC helis and thought that a 250 class would be a good place to start. This is because I live in a super crowded city...
  2. C

    What is this thing for? (Motor parts)

    Hi, I'm still a newbie so excuse my ignorance of mechanical terms but I've bought a few electric brushless motors now and I have a few questions about the parts you usually get with them for which I can't find any answers on the internet. I bought this LOGIC FUSION 3545 850KV and an 11x5.5 prop...
  3. M

    My First Crash

    Today my knuckle quad fought with a tree and lost. :( I found the poor creature on the ground missing a leg and propeller. I took it back home, fixed it up, and tested it out. One of the motors started spinning later than the others and stopped spinning earlier. I unplugged the battery and...
  4. S

    Multi-rotor arm construction

    How does flex in arms effect multi-rotors? I was thinking of using carbon arrow shafts to build a tri. But now that I have the arms mounted to the frame I see that the arrow shafts flex slightly. I was thinking that maybe this will help reduce vibrations to the frame / cam? Or will this just...
  5. Hamdhan

    BIxler Motor

    Hi guys, If I buy the Bixler KIT, which motor should I get? Do I need shaft adapter or something?