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BIxler Motor


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Yeah, I mean unless you are ordering a bunch of other stuff too, by the time you buy a motor from HK for $15 and then pay shipping, you might as well have got this.


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EMS took 7 days from China to Here (like another 7 days for warehouse packing at HK) which is not THAT BAD! but 64USD is too much to pay for a 15dollar motor so...

If someone has an old one they can sell me with UPS shipping, maybe for the few hundred grams rather than 1KG.


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UPS shipping will probably be more then EMS...It'll need to be shipped USPS (US Postal Service) to get the cheapest rate. I did a quick shipping quote on usps.com and it'll be around $10 to Kenya if the package weighs less than a pound.

Check out the Grayson Hobby thread, Scott from Grayson Hobby is always responds and see if they'll ship US Postal international air mail to keep the price down.


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I normally pay 2,99 dollars to get a small motor from HK to Europe.
I have never got anything from the US close to that.
Just received my Bixler and im having a little trouble mounting the Motor in place.

the motor mount seems small for the space, and looks like it sits off center.

im planning to do a motor mount adapter with 1/2" tube glued to the fuse; and fix the wood motor mount with 2 side screws .... any suggestions ??

Its safe to scrape the excess of foam that compress the motor mount ? or the mount need it to have a peg to glue into it ? the casing of the motor is stuck with that excess of foam and its not turning freely if i push the mount to the rear end ...


2012-01-11 14.25.33.jpg 2012-01-11 14.26.18.jpg 2012-01-11 14.27.34.jpg
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following up ...

here is the solution i came up with:

i did the PVC tube with 2 holes on each side, fits perfectly on the fuse (had to shave some foam off). I was a little worried about vibration so i cut 2 thin pieces of good rubber and glued in the carvings on the side of the motor mount, where my fixing screws will be attached.

i Hope it helps future Bixler pilots :D