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broken feathering shaft HK 250 GT. Is it common?


Junior Member
Hello fellow hobby enthusiasts:
This is my first post so constructive criticism will be more than welcomed. With that out of the way a bit of backstory. I've recently got into RC helis and thought that a 250 class would be a good place to start. This is because I live in a super crowded city where the only readily accessible flying space I have is the underground parking lot of my building. I didn't go with a micro 100 class because I plan to use the heli as part of a research paper that I have to write later and the belt driven tail assembly is closer to full scale helis than a direct motor drive. So I got myself a hobby king Trex 250 clone. After I was finished building it, I tested it to set the gyro gain and to do some trimming.

Nothing bad ever happened but my flights were limited to about 20-30 seconds (I've only flown quads and planes before). However, just today I was testing it and got a little too excited when I got about a minute worth of flight time. When my heli got a little too woobly for me to compensate correctly, I panicked and chopped the throttle (big mistake I know). Needless to say the machine dropped immediately from about 60 cm (2 feet), but instead of the usual hard landing, the main blades went off flying in opposite directions. Luckily no cars (or people!) were hit, but it scared the hell out of me!

After collecting the parts and returning to my apartment I assessed the damage. a Little shaft connecting the blade grippers broke. Some research online revealed its called a feathering shaft. Nothing else seems to be damaged, as the the heli hit the ground flat on the landing skids. However It doesn't look like a very common issue to me. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? Is it common for this shaft to split in two? Any insight will be helpful.

IMG_0811 (1632 x 1224).jpg

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
Daniel from Mexico city
I have bent many feather shafts crashing heli's but i have never broken 1 not sure i have ever heard of 1 breaking until now. i would say when replacing use a trex 250 shaft and it shouldn't break.