1. Scotto

    Plane EZ Dusty 2.3

    This is a fun little plane for all ages I think but it is a little harder to build than most EZ stuff if you do the skins. If you dont want the skins, the first 2 pages (A and B) are all the foam board part. So by just tiling 2 8.5x11 pages together you have everything to build it and you could...
  2. Noel Gillett

    FT Mini Arrow - Toyota Supra A90 Skin

    I have always wanted to see how I can contribute to the growing Flite Test Community. With my own intrinsic motivation, I wanted to know how to create custom skins for RC foamies. Through months of research and practice (at leisure), I have been able to develop a Toyota Supra A90 Skin for the FT...
  3. nobledeed

    N Sport - A Tiny Trainer Mod

    With plenty of time on my hands, I finished up a tiny trainer mod I thought others might like. I based the design on the the tiny trainer sport wing set-up. I wanted to create a fuselage that looked a little more scale than the original. To finish the airframe, I fashioned a skin for the...
  4. Tzsetzse

    Simple Storch SKINS from STAPLES

    Brand new to the Forums so please take that into consideration if I've goofed in the category for this..... My first purchase of a foam airframe was the Simple Storch. Reading and resourcing this great offering, I discovered photos of skins used on another member's finished airplane. I, also...
  5. B

    make simple and cheap quality skins decals for your rc planes with woodglue

    Hello all I would like to show this trick, if your create a decals or skin. I always see them hard to do with spray glue. i always use woodglue. made a video, hopefully it will help you all. :D Greet BlacklineVW
  6. JimCR120

    Inkscape - Making Drawings and Skins

    Greetings Forum Community, I am starting a thread about Inkscape as a place where we can share information and use it as a reference in using the application. Inkscape is a free application available for Mac, Windows, & Linux users that appears to be an excellent option for making drawings...