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EZ Dusty

Plane EZ Dusty 2.3

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This is a fun little plane for all ages I think but it is a little harder to build than most EZ stuff if you do the skins. If you dont want the skins, the first 2 pages (A and B) are all the foam board part. So by just tiling 2 8.5x11 pages together you have everything to build it and you could print them without color and just glue stick them down and cut right through it all. But if you want the skins on just peel all the paper off a foamboard rectangle 8x18 inches. Use 3M super 77 spray glue IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA on the A and B pages and cut all of that out. Then the C and D pages go on after. The eyes and front part are last and I just used a bit of hot glue. The center part in the front and the side pieces at the eyes you might want to crush down a little to make more rounded first. You'll see what I mean.

Those are versions 2.1(glider) and 2.0 (EZ). I think Ive got it figured out now. Im still open to suggestions. The front top part looks rough on these, but I think you can do better.


This is how I did the airfoil. The dihedral comes next and I had to find a sharp table edge to hang the front of the wing off of, then filled the gap with hot glue, held one side down and slid in the gauge on the other.
20211126_012317[1].jpg After flying version 1 and 2.0 I think the motors need the thrust angle straighter instead of just resting on top of the wing. So I cut a slit for them to go in like this.

On the EZ dont forget you have a dual rate button. I will let you figure out your cg and "control surface" tweaks yourself. Enjoy! Make one for your grandkids or neighbor kids for Christmas!
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