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    Sky Surfer Dolly

    Hello, I have a Sky Surfer that I like to fly, but was interested to see if anyone could offer up some tips on how to build a dolly/trolley for takeoff. I'd like to make something similar to what the Me162 Komet uses: using just a pair of 3" DuBro wheels. Simple. Found this - not quite...
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    Rc sky surfer crash with video

    Hi everyone Just wanted to share my story of a little crash I was flying my sky surfer(bixler) pretty low about 3 metres off the ground (9 feet) and because it was one of my first flights so i was constantly pulling up then pushing down then pulling up and so on Then i accidentaly throttled back...
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    How to hold bixler/sky surfer wings together?

    I own a sky surfer and after a few flights the wings become loose and i dont want to glue them as then it would not fit in my does anybody know some options of a removable wind design? Please also post any pictures if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks