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Rc sky surfer crash with video

Hi everyone
Just wanted to share my story of a little crash
I was flying my sky surfer(bixler) pretty low about 3 metres off the ground (9 feet) and because it was one of my first flights so i was constantly pulling up then pushing down then pulling up and so on
Then i accidentaly throttled back a little too much and stalled about 2 metres above the ground (oh no)
I knew if i let it dive a bit to gain speed then it would crash so instead of powering out of it and getting higher
I decided to make a u turn towards me (rookie mistake) i did manage to make the u turn although it was too low to recover and it landed hard but thankfully when it hit the ground the wings were level otherwise i could have broken a wing.in the end no damage other than a little muddy nose :)

Here is the video (not very good quality sorry)


Ps.what is the walk of shame?