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  1. buzzbomb

    Motor Changes Direction

    What??!! Say that again. What I said was that my F Rotary is changing direction. I've my 4ch TT ready to fly. I've got my 3ch Mini Scout ready to fly (Just wait @basslord1124, I may not have alligators, but I'm still going to get stupid with it!) :LOL:. I was putting the F-Pack rotary into my...
  2. U

    Tricopter (Naze32) servo-side motor throttles at different rate

    Hi everyone, new here, woo hoo! I have setup my tricopter with the recommended config of using port 1/2 for servo and 3-5 for motor 1-3. I'm testing the motors using Cleanflight and have noticed the front two motors fire up at the same throttle value (1070), though the back motor (where the...
  3. J

    Help!!! First Build. Motors wont run in Betaflight; ESC's not detected by BLHelisuite

    Hello Flite Test :black_eyed:, I am new to the RC hobby. I have just completed assembly of my first quadcopter. Below are the specs. Specs: Frame - Armattan Chameleon FC - Matek F405-CTR (Betaflight 3.2.4 also tried 3.2.1) ESC - 4X DYS XSD 30a v2 3-5s esc blheli_s (Unknown firmware version...