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  1. RCdiy

    OpenTx Mac Sound (Audio) Packs & Text To Wav Applications

    http://rcdiy.ca/create-voice-tracks-mac/ Mac’s make it easy to generate text to wav files. I have written and posted Mac GUI Applications and Terminal Scripts that generate OpenTx compatible voice packs or individual files. I have also posted a number of Mac’s Tessa voice sound packs. The...
  2. P

    Best Sounding EDF - Deer whistles?

    Alright so everyone knows that most EDF Jet fliers search really hard for a jet with a good "air ripping" sound. Their are a lot of different solutions, leaving bay doors open and landing gear down, making the motor very quiet, balancing properly, installing a thrust tube, increasing blade...
  3. uLightMe

    Flite Test Ringtone by uLightMe

    Flite Test Ringtone for your cell phone Hi, I'd like to share my celly ringtone. I've been using this for a while. I made it by mixing the FT theme song and the ESC sounds. Enjoy
  4. A


    How about a review of a sound system that you could put into your plane to get more of an authentic, gasoline-powered engine sound? Thinking it would be cool to hear either an WWI style engine vs. a WWII, or the sound of a twin, or even a jet turbine sound coming from a ft electric plane.