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How about a review of a sound system that you could put into your plane to get more of an authentic, gasoline-powered engine sound? Thinking it would be cool to hear either an WWI style engine vs. a WWII, or the sound of a twin, or even a jet turbine sound coming from a ft electric plane.


Master Tinkerer
Sound-systems are cool! They're are mostly for looks (except you hear it) but you could do music, gunfire and not just engine sounds. That would be a cool topic to cover.
good idea!
sound on the DIY

So Guys, did ya ever put cards in the spokes of your bike when you were a kid? I Bet Dave could come up with an electric motor that has a beater on the shaft that pounds a cup like a drum. Put it in line with ESC and the tone would increase as plane throttle increases...... Thoughts?? Or am I nuts. Loved Dave's blow up test flight with Josh B and fireworks.
Thanks for helping rekindle my interest in the sport!

Damig, scott