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Best Sounding EDF - Deer whistles?

Alright so everyone knows that most EDF Jet fliers search really hard for a jet with a good "air ripping" sound. Their are a lot of different solutions, leaving bay doors open and landing gear down, making the motor very quiet, balancing properly, installing a thrust tube, increasing blade count, you get the idea. An awesome video idea would be to test these techniques and try to get the most realistic sound short of buying a turbine.
Also some crazy ideas would be fun. Like using a deer whistle meant for cars, making whooshing noises on the airfield by just yelling "woosh!", or installing a crazy dangerous afterburner... (Preferably setting the tail of your vampire Mk6 on fire with a butane torch could be avoided, but that would be a great plane to include if it's still around.)

Some links I've found concerning the issue/ already good sounding edf's include:


No one seems to have a video like this on YouTube and I know it's an issue most EDF fliers would be interested in. Plus, it's just cool to have a $500 edf sound similar to the super expensive turbine RC's.