sp racing f3

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    spracing f3 motor not spin by throttle

    Dear all, i have problem with my new buil QAV-R220. Why the motors can't spin when i open the throttle but they can spin when i move sliding bar on clean flight interface (tab motor) From receiver tab, i can see every channel indicator moving when i move the transmitter stick. I have change...
  2. C

    Trouble connecting to SP Racing F3 through Serial

    Hi all, I'm trying to implement control of my quad through an XBEE. I started on this thread, which got me into the Multiwii Serial Protocol. Another thread on the MultiWii forum goes into interfacing the board through Arduino, and this library was brought up, which should execute datalogging...
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    SPracingf3 evo vs KISS fc?

    Looking to upgrade my flight controller on my qav210 and deciding between these 2. What's your experience with them? Also want to get a pdb osd, so like the spracingf3 osdpdb or the power osd pro 2. Which one should I get?
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    Skyline32 Advanced Flight Controller vs SP Racing F3

    Hi all, I've heard about these two board, mostly about SP Racing F3. The 1st one, is much cheaper than the 2nd one, but the features seem very similar. Is the 1st one worth it? Thanks for you help, L. Pinho