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space shuttle

  1. Zephyr1

    Space Shuttle Glider 14.5 x 19 in

    So I got bored last week and one of my friends is completely obsessed with the Space Shuttle (who isn't?) so I took a stab at designing a version which can be dropped from a quadcopter and glided down. I built it the next day and it was a success. It is controllable and glides somewhat well. I...
  2. A

    "1 hour build" from cardboard to foam???? space shuttle Challenger!!!!!!

    Hi, today I would like to know if you want to see my cardboard space shuttle to be converted to foam and make it fly! please leave a comment if you want to see it fly :) or rate this article. See my full build of the Challenger here ...
  3. R

    Model Space Shuttle.

    I got this idea when i was watching the bomb drop video. I thought you guys could make a space shuttle. The two rocket boosters will be easy to make, and will be powered by hobby rocket engines, which can be bought cheaply. The massive fuel tank will probably serve no purpose other than...